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10 of the most popular toys of all times

10 of the most popular toys of all times


This list really could be endless. There are so many different toys that stick out through the decades as being the one that nobody will forget. Everyone can remember that one toy they had when they were younger that they had begged their parents for. We have listed just ten of them. Some are complete classics, and others are more surprising, but all were just as popular…

1)    Teddy Bears

This one is an absolute classic, and had to feature on the list. Nearly everyone will have that special teddy bear that they have had since they were a baby that they just can’t bear to get rid of. We’re talking about the one that you liked when it was slightly smelly and dirty – the one that you would cry for hours for when it was finally prised out of your hand and into the washing machine.

2)    Dolls

Dolls were traditionally thought of as gifts for little girls, although this is not the case anymore. They are still very popular, and newer versions are constantly being introduced. Whether they are dolls that get carried everywhere with the child, or one that is purely for show, they continue to be very popular gifts for children.

3)    Yo-yo’s

In their time, yo-yo’s were one of the most sought after toys you could have. If you were the proud owner of one, it is likely that you spent many hours perfecting the latest tricks, so you could showcase you skills to all of your friends in the playground the next day. These toys rarely left your pockets, and were a regular sight for all children at one time.

4)    Magic 8 Balls

Magic 8 balls were incredibly popular, and definitely gave answers that could 100% be relied on. Although the answer it gave was not always what you wanted, for example getting the reply ‘Don’t count on it’ when asking a question about your crush or ‘Reply hazy, try again’, when you need an answer immediately, they were still a much loved and popular toy.

5)    Barbie Dolls

Unsurprisingly, Barbie’s, were and to this day still are incredibly popular choices for young children. The excitement you felt when you had asked Father Christmas for the latest doll, and then saw the familiar shaped packaging, was like no other. Whilst they have come under criticism for an unrealistic portrayal of women in recent years, they still continue to be a much loved toy.

6)    Etch-a-Sketch

Whatever size you had, you could literally spend hours trying to re-create impressive masterpieces that you had seen, only to make one mistake that could not be rectified, or you dropped it halfway through and it all disappeared. Etch-a-Sketches were a brilliant way to develop a child’s artistic side, and allow them to express this in a slightly different way, hence their popularity.

7)    Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies are a more modern choice of toys, but one that was in no way less popular that the others that had featured on the list. Whether you just had one of these bean filled toys, or hundreds, you would never remove the tag, or play with them (they were purely for decoration!), as there was a common belief that one day you could make a fortune from selling them. A toy that will bring back memories to anyone who grew up in the 00’s.

8)    Doll’s Houses

Doll’s houses have to feature on this list. They are incredibly traditional, and have been a popular choice for centuries. It is not unusual to see dolls houses as a collector’s item, where the houses can be incredibly valuable; not to mention realistic. These continue to be very popular with both children and adults alike.

9)    Toy Cars

Just like Barbie dolls, toy cars continue to be a popular choice for children. Regardless of whether you were just driving them around your living room, or having races with your friends, you could have hours of fun building your car enterprise. Toy cars make brilliant stocking fillers and party bag presents, and are just as popular now as they once were.

10)                       Action Figures

Back in the day, action figures, particularly Action Man himself, was seen as the boys version of the Barbie doll. Whilst this gender association is not as apparent now, many brothers and sisters will look back at memories of friendly wars involving Barbie and Action Man. Action figures in general were very popular, and it was an opportunity for children to create their own stories using their imagination.

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