Monday, 31 July 2017

Fun Cooking Activities For Children At Playtime

If your child just loves pretend cooking or baking on a play kitchen why not try this fun cooking activity for children it's quick and easy to do and kids just love it.  This video shows you how to make rainbow mars bar cake with just icing and mars bars.
Claudia grew up and had many hours of fun learning about food and cooking on her play kitchen and playing with all the food toys, now she loves using real food at playtime to make fun food to eat and play with.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Fun Indoor Playground & Family Fun Playtime On Slides

Watch our new fun indoor playground video with giant slides, ballpools and lots more it was epic family fun with my bro who just loves it. Indoor playgrounds are one of the best places to take children in the School holidays with so many fun activities for them to play with together and they are safe to.  Our new video was filmed in Cornwall but these activity centres are available Nationwide.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Play Kitchen Toys for Children Popcorn Cooking Family Fun

Some play kitchen cooking fun with a twist, watch these kids cook up some amazing real popcorn on a wooden play kitchen and then eat it.  kids just love cooking and baking and playing with kitchen toys so why not get you kid's cooking with one on these amazing pretend kitchen toys, available in a range of colours for both boys and girls and made Just for little chefs to cook up a storm.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Girls Fun Pink Play Kitchen Toys - Cooking Food Games At Playtime - ABC Children's

Play kitchen cooking fun for children who just love playing and cooking with wooden kitchen toys just like real chef's and in this kid kitchen video Claudia cooks real puddings to eat instead of just playing with pretend toy food,  playing with real food is just so much more for children and they just love making a mess to, so enjoy this family fun cooking video for children on this pink play kitchen toy.