Wednesday, 27 May 2015

10 ways to make your child’s bedroom fit for a Princess

If you have a little girl who loves all things fairy tale, Disney and wants a room fit for a Princess, it is easier than you think. A few simple changes to their existing room can create their very own royal kingdom. Follow our 10 tips and hints to start creating your child’s room into their fairy tale dream.

    1)    Involve them in the planning
Bear with me on this one. Whilst this might sound like some parent’s idea of a nightmare, involving them in the planning will make them feel like they are creating the room they really want. We are not suggesting letting them loose with tins of paint and paintbrushes, but get them to tell you exactly what they want in their fairy tale room, and then turn these ideas into feasible designs.

     2)    Make a picture board
Creating a picture board will make them feel like their room is their own personal place that they can go to. Get them to fill it with pictures of their favourite princess’s and Disney characters. The joy of having a picture board means that it can easily be updated as the child grows up as all you will need to do is change the pictures to something more fitting to their age.

     3)    Fit a curtain around the head of their bed
Fit a sheer, floor length curtain to the ceiling around the head of their bed. These are available to buy ready-made, or you can get creative and make your own. Having a curtain allows them to feel like a Princess crawling into bed each night, and it adds a touch of luxury for them without breaking the bank. It is a very simple, but effective addition to a little girl’s room.

     4)    Transform old furniture
Instead of buying new furniture for their room, why not just transform the furniture that they have. White furniture will fit in very well with a fairy tale and Princess design, and this can easily be achieved with furniture paint. If your children have wooden furniture, simply sand this down, before repainting in your chosen colour. You will be amazed at the difference it makes, and your children will think they have got brand new furniture.

     5)    Add some wall stickers
You can easily turn their room into a castle, by adding some Princess wall stickers. These are effective, as they are inexpensive and temporary, yet, at the same time, they can make a huge difference. Involve your child when choosing where they should go, and try and turn it into a fun activity. The stickers can be removed when your child is too old to have a Princess themed room, and the existing paint will revealed again.

     6)    Create a wall mural
This one is a lot more permanent and costly than the others; however, it is extremely impressive and effective. If you feel that your artistic skills are up to it, you can reduce the cost and create your own castle or Disney backdrop. However; if not, you can hire professionals who can come in and create one. This one will be a guaranteed winner with any child, and will really make them feel like they are stepping into their very own fairy tale every night.

     7)    Add a toy chest
This has several advantages. It is extra storage space, which can then be used for other items when they get older, as well as encouraging your children to keep their room free of clutter by tidying up after themselves. Not only this, but it really will add a touch of luxury to their room, and make them feel like they have their very own treasure chest. Again, these can be fairly inexpensive, and can be re-painted to fit in with the desired theme.

     8)    Create a vanity station
Every Princess needs a vanity station, where they can make themselves look beautiful for their Prince. Creating a vanity area in your little girl’s room, with a mirror, and room to keep their jewellery box for example will fulfil all of their dreams and make them feel like a true Princess. This is better suited to larger rooms with a lot of free floor space; otherwise you can end up making their room look cluttered.

     9)    Make a personalised name plate
Get your child to help you make a Princess themed name plate for their bedroom door. There are all sorts of different shapes that you can make, but to make them feel like a true princess, a crown template is very effective. Getting your child to help will turn it into a fun, creative activity for them and it will make them feel proud if they see it on their door every day.

     10)                       Add a mirror
This doesn’t have to be a large, full length mirror, but a mirror will make the room feel bigger, and more like a Princess’s room. Many shops will actually provide mirrors that have been specifically designed for little girl’s room and come in the shape of a castle or a crown which are incredibly effective. It is little touches like this that will really make a difference, particularly if you do not want to re-decorate the entire room.