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15 dream jobs children want

Think back to what you wanted to do for a living when you were a child. Whilst some may be fulfilling their drams, others may have realised that their ambition may have been a little farfetched! We have put together a list of 15 of the most popular careers chosen by children. You may be able to relate to some of these if you have children yourself, or if you can remember what you wanted to do when you grew up.


Becoming an astronaut is one of the most popular careers that children want to do when they are older. It is exciting, and deep down, a lot of children have dreams of walking on the moon. There is something about space that is fascinating to children, as it is a world that that is so unknown to them.
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1  2.Detective

Many children’s books and television programmes are based on detectives, who go out and solve mysteries. To children, this looks very exciting and appealing, and is a very popular career choice.
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Ok, so this one is not a real profession, but is a popular choice amongst children none the less. I mean, who wouldn’t want to scale walls and ceilings like Spider Man, or drive the Bat Mobile. Both little boys and girls often aspire to these characters, and thus, want to be like them when they grow up.
It is tiring work being a Superhero in training and a good night’s sleep is needed:

Most children love animals, and many dream of becoming a vet when they grow up. Children have a caring and nurturing instinct, and want to be able to help animals who are unwell and are in need, whether this is working with domestic pets, on a farm, or in a zoo.
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 5.Pop Star

What child does not dream of standing on a stage, performing and singing their heart out? Music is all around children as they grow up, both at school and in their home. Whether they are interested in playing an instrument, or belting out a tune, this career has to feature high up on the list.
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Children aspire to be like the people they are surrounded by, or see say, on the television. Sometimes, this can make them want to be like the character they are playing, but others will dream of becoming as famous as them, by playing characters on television programmes.
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 7.Fire Fighter

Out of all of the emergency services, a fire fighter was by far the most popular choice. It is a heroic career to choose as it is both exciting and courageous. Unlike adults, children will perhaps not understand the danger of the job, yet see it as helping people in need, making it a popular choice.
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8.Police Officer

Closely following behind is a Police Officer. Again, another popular choice given by children when asked what they wanted to be when they grow up. Many children view Police Officers as respected, powerful people, who they can look up to, and many children want to replicate this in their career.
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If you ask a child what their favourite subject is at school, many of them will answer with P.E, and many will aspire to be an athlete when they grow up, as they would be able to play their favourite sports all day, whilst earning lots of money doing so. This career has definitely earned its place on the list.
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Children are inquisitive, and learn by watching you. Many of them will have seen their parents cooking in the kitchen, and may want to do the same. This is particularly likely if they are involved in the cooking process, and it is made into a fun and exciting time that they can help with.
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If your child has been on a plane from a young age, and they enjoy flying, they may wish to be a pilot when they grow up. Lots of children dream of being able to fly a plane, and a pilot very much deserves it place on the list. It is an exciting way of travelling, which most children will associate with holidays, and how they are flown may well intrigue them.
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Children visit doctors when they are unwell, and they make them better. In their minds, they are like a super hero, who, as we know features early on in the list, so it is no surprise that a doctor will also feature. Many children want to be able to help people and make them better, which they know doctors do.
Becoming a doctor requires a lot of hard work. Why not get them a desk, with a place for them to store all of their books:

 13.Racing Car Driver
This is the ultimate dream for many children – being able to speed around a race track in a racing car. Children are fearless and are naturally drawn to exciting, high octane sports, and often idolise famous, successful people, such as Formula 1 drivers. They see what they are paid to do, and what to be able to do that themselves.
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Children like to learn, and for many, going to school is actually an enjoyable event. They view their teachers as somebody that knows everything, and can often be in awe of them. As we have discussed previously, children look up to people and aspire to be like them. Wanting to become a teacher is a fairly obvious career to feature on this list.
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 15.Zoo Keeper
If you have ever taken your children to a zoo and had them ask if they can take an animal home with them, you will be able to relate to this one! Being a zoo keeper, in their eyes, means that they can look and play with all of the animals all day, effectively keeping them all as their pets, and it is no wonder that this option grabs the last place on our list.
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