Monday, 30 December 2013

Children's Wooden Table And Chair Sets Furniture

Providing kids with suitable children's wooden table and chair set is so difficult for parents with so many on the market, different designs, sizes and themes and quality of course.

We have looked around for hours to looking at these factors and have come up with a range to suite just about everyone we think.  we have a range of kids table and chairs in different themes and designs sizes and even shapes for both boys and girls and toddlers. Our favourite ones are the Teamson Kids Transport series table and chair sets the Guidecraft Girls princess table and chair set and our own children's table with storage which is a two in one unit design where it's a table and a toy box in one which makes it awesome value and saves space to with it's great to in one design,  these great pieces of Children's furniture save people money and space especially if you live in a smaller house or have small bedrooms play rooms or nursery's,  what makes them even more special is the range of colours that they come in to suit bother genders so they are great for boys or girls in the blue or pink designs and we even have a gender neutral one if you have a boy and a girl

We also have a range of Children's wooden desks in pink a blue where you can add a single chair or more chairs if required and with the high gloss finish they look bright and vibrant in any room.

Most of our children's furniture items are designed for ages 3 to 8 year old but with the differing rates that children grow or children's grown spurts it's always tricky to decide how long they will last or if they are suitable.  We always try to include as much information as possible on our items with seat heights, table heights so it gives you the ability to decide how long these children's furniture items will last.

We think Children's wooden table and chairs are so much better than plastic versions due to the strength and basically just what alot of kids are like,  Plastic children's furniture often gets broken easily or degrades over time even with exposure to sunlight or kids have a habit of having as much fun as possible and jump or climb on them and due to the nature of the designs and strange accidents can easily happen if they just break without notice, which is why we always advise to go for a quality wooden piece of children's furniture as they are safer and will last for the entire childhood and they are the ideal place for doing homework, crafting or just having lots and lots of fun.

We have a great range of Quality children's wooden table and chair sets form a host of Manufacturers like Teamson kids, KidKraft, Guidecraft, Liberty house, Millhouse and many more so we are sure you will find that special piece suitable for you child quickly and easily in our web store
Princess Children's Wooden Table And Chair Set
A magical piece of children's wooden furniture for girls in pink

Children's Wooden Desk
Available in a range of colours for both boys and girls ideal for bedrooms

Children's Wooden Table And Chair Set By Teamson
Teamson magic garden wodoen table and chairs set is one of our best selling pieces of kids furniture

Teamson Children's Table And Chair Set Princess
Little girls just love this wooden piece of children's funrniture
Teamson Transport Quality Children's Table And Chair Set
it's ideal for boys and looks great in playrooms or bedrooms
Children's Table And Chair Set With Storage
A great piece of children's furiture 2 in one design Childrens table with toy storage

Watch a Children's wooden table and chair set video below
KidKraft heart table

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