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Children's Play Kitchen Toy Kitchen Teamson KidKraft Plum

Children's Wooden Pretend Play Kitchen Toy Kitchen Toys Are So Much Fun / Review

Children's faces are a picture of excitement when they receive one of our play kitchen toys so we would advise you keep the camera handy to capture the special moment when your child first receive one.  All of our Toy Kitchens are deigned to provide as many features as possible and to be just like the real thing. All of our Play Kitchen  and toy kitchens feature a tap, sink, oven and hob as standard, other versions included microwave, ice dispenser and refrigerator and if you want one that is even extra special have a look at our KidKraft, Teamson kids, John Crane / Tidlo or Plum range or view The KidKraft grand gourmet corner kitchen which also includes a washing machine and curtains to make it one of the largest

Why Choose A KidKraft Wooden Play Kitchen Or Teamson Kids Toy Kitchen ?
At wooden toys direct this is the easiest question of all to answer basically due to the amount of play kitchen toys that we sell and the quality and back up service that we receive and can offer to you which is why so many people come back for another KidKraft Teamosn Or John Crane country kitchen.   Leading nursery groups keep buying these brand of products due to the strength of the products with its strong wooden design, bright colours and features which keeps kids entertained for hours, we have a great range of play kitchen in pink and bue suitable for both boys and girls.

All  of our play kitchen toys conform to EN71 toy safety standards and designed to last for years. At wooden-toys-direct.co.uk know that kids can be very demanding and often brutal with toys but these products are all designed to exact standards and quality, unlike a lot of play kitchen toys which are often plastic, all of the parts on our toy kitchen units are replaceable even after years of use or if the product is discontinued parts are still obtainable.

This is one of the big differences between this type of  product and a plastic play kitchen which can be more expensive.  Our Kids Kitchen suppliers have been In Business for years and have to meet some of the toughest toy standards in the world over in the USA which makes these toy stronger and safer than most others.
Plastic toys are often injected moulded plastic and produced in one great big piece so if a piece breaks, damaged or defaced often the entire toy is ruined normally because the full kitchen needs to be replaced or the parts are not available.  Weight can be another factor to consider most plastic kitchen are lightweight and could be easily pulled over but with wooden Play kitchen toys they weigh a lot more and as a result are more stable, sturdy and difficult to pull over or almost impossible when attached to the wall with a simple fixing.
So as a general rule remember all KidKraft Teamson Kids Plum and John Crane Tidlo  Play Kitchen are made of wood, hand crafted, hand painted, parts are replaceable and they all meet EN71 toy safety standards.

How To Choose a Play Kitchen For Your Child.

It is tricky one, all of our play kitchen toys are designed to be suitable from ages 3 plus years mainly due to the size of them and so children get the best possible use from it.  We always recomend you take a note of the measurements and see how much space you have available and where it will be placed in the home.  Some of our wooden play kitchen toys are a lot bigger than they look but if you have enough room and the space you have available is enough its basically down to personal choice, colour and the number of features that you want.

KidKraft Kitchen toys are available in a wide range of colours and designs for both boys and girls and the etire range is made of wood top selling items include the KidKraft Pink Vintage 53179 kitchen, KidKraft Grand Gourmet corner kitchen, and the KidKraft Expresso kitchen all of these are designed to last and will inspire children's creative mind, they are awesome wooden toys.

The Plum children's role play kitchen range offer a wide change of  choice and designs to fit any budget popular models include the Plum Terrace Kitchen Cabin Kitchen and the girls pink kitchen

John crane Tidlo have the awesome top sell John Crane Tidlo Country Play kitchen in a pastel blue colour, it has a classic cottage theme and it's popular with both boys and girls.

Teamson kids have a wimsical theme play kitchen and a range of Teamson kids role play kitchen and retro style toy kitchens in the USA these are always popular with parent's and kids due to the huge range sizes and designs in Neutral blue and pink colours which are both fun and educational wooden toys that that kids love.

Guidecraft USA play kitchens are now also available in the UK form us they  also have a high range of quality wooden toys and role play kitchens for kids including the Guidecraft Hideaway space saving folding kitchen which can be stored out of sight when not in use.

Remember at wooden-toys-direct.co.uk we have a great range of play kitchen toys that will amaze children and parents and a wide range of toy kitchen toys from a range of quality manufactures suitable for any child in a range of ages fun design's and colour for both boys and girls, they are great educational toys for children.

Children's Play Kitchen
John Crane Tidlo Country kitchen is ideal for both boys and girls

KidKraft Play Kitchen

Teamson Kids Play Kitchen

Wooden Play Kitchen

Wooden Toy Kitchen

Wooden Play Kitchen
Plum Wodoen Terrace Childrens Role Play Kitchen For Kids

Kids Role Play Kitchen
Guidecraft Hideaway Wooden Role Play Kitchen is awesome fun and can be stored away

Kids Wooden Toy Kitchen
Are fun educational wooden toys that kids and parent's have hours of fun with

KidKraft Wooden Play Kitchen


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