Monday, 7 August 2017

Fun Activities & Games For Children In The School Holidays

The School holidays can always we a very tricky time for parents trying to keep children entertained and amused and the weather does not help either, come rain or shine children always want something to do and one of the most popular activities and easiest places to go is either to a children's play centre or playground, but with so many available across the country and the entry prices how to you know which one is best.  We were always mesmerised to find the difference of a few pictures hosted on most companies indoor play centres websites to what was available once you arrive and pay that high priced entry fee just for your heart to sink, it seems a few clever photos seem to get people in these days.
So after wasting a fair few pounds trying different ones and viewing different sites we found Youtube to be a great resource and you will find many children's play centres by name and brand just by doing a quick search and watching someone elses kids having fun on a home made video.  We found it's the only way to actually get what you paid for and making sure all those giant slides and ball pools that children just love to play with actually exist.  Checkout our video of one of the play centres and out door playgrounds that we visited recently whilst on holiday.

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