Friday, 23 January 2015

10 space saving storage tips for children’s bedrooms

Any parent will understand the struggle of trying to create storage solution for your child’s toys. Follow our top ten space saving storage tips to keep your child’s toys organised and their bedrooms tidy.

1) Get a trundle bed If you are planning on buying a new bed for your child, consider getting a trundle bed. These come with a large storage drawer underneath the bed, which can be used to organise and store toys. They will be easily accessible for your child, whilst remaining tidy and out of sight when they are not in use.

2) Add a bookshelf Bookshelves are an excellent way of creating extra space in your children’s bedroom. When they are younger, it can be a unique way to store toys, and as they get older, you can convert it into a bookshelf. It is an investment piece and will utilise the space towards the ceiling.

3) Customise a wooden crate Customising a wooden crate can be a unique way of creating a fun toy box for your child. You can add wheels to the bottom so it can easily be moved and you can decorate it to fit in with the theme of their bedroom. You can always add their name to it to make it extra special. Find out how to do it here:

4) Use an old suitcase Transform an old suitcase into the perfect home for your little girl’s dolls. You can line the case with pretty fabric that will fit in with the theme of the room and will look good when it is both open and closed. You can even customise the front of the case, so she feels like it is really personal to her. Get the instructions here:

5) Create colourful sacks If you are feeling creative, you can create some very simple drawstring sacks that can be used to store some of your child’s toys – maybe smaller stuffed toys that will not become damaged. If you are feeling extra creative and ambitious, you can add a clear panel to the front so your child can see what is in there, reducing the risk of the contents being tipped all over the room! Here is how you can make them:

6) Use all available space This may seem obvious, but any parent knows how easy it to let your home become a sea of toys. Think about areas underneath the bed, as well as up high, for example the top of the wardrobe. Or consider fitting floor to ceiling storage units, so your child can access the toys as well. Stackable boxes are a perfect option to utilise space higher up.

7) Use a mug tree or hooks You can purchase inexpensive mug trees or individual hooks which can be hung on the inside of your child’s bedroom door and is an excellent place to hang hats, belts and necklaces. It keeps them all organised and visible, but they are out of the way, not cluttering up the floor or any other surface area.

8) Create wall buckets This is perfect for little boys and it is a chance for you to really let your creative side come out. Create a bucket wall by arranging plastic buckets into a chosen design and attaching them together with cable ties. This is a really unique way for your child to show off his toys, but keeps them organised at the same time.

9) Turn a tool box into a toy box If you have an old metal tool box, you can turn this into the perfect toy box for your child. This can also be customised, making it seem really special to your child, and it is a unique way of storing their toys. Again, they are easily accessible for the child, but can remain out of sight and tidied away when they are not in use.

10) Create a fun routine with your child Although this is not a space saving tip per se, creating a fun routine with your children and encouraging them to tidy away after themselves, will be a weight off of your mind. If you can create fun storage solutions that they want to use, they will be much more likely to tidy them away after they have finished playing. Turning this into a fun routine, will make children want to tidy away after themselves.

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