Friday, 28 February 2014

Plum Wooden Kitchen Toy / Role Play Kitchen For Children

The ever popular range of Plum wooden kitchen toys are ideal and fun educational toys for both boys and girls,  They have a great Range to suit all tastes in blue pink and white so they have it covered if you have a boy or girl or one of each,  These high quality children's play kitchen toys will provide many hours of fun educational play time and improve and help you child's eye to hand coordination skills and social interaction with there friends.
The plum play kitchen range compromises of the white Plum Cabin wooden kitchen, which is a great compact kitchen with pink details that little girls will just love to play with and have hour of fun to.
The Plum oxford wooden kitchen is a smash hit for both boys and girls it's a great minimalist classic play kitchen with a clock but it still has all the features and lots of storage for pretend toy food and pans.
The Plum Padstow kitchen is one of our favourite toy kitchens for girls in it's classic pink colour and vintage style, it is packed full of features and one of the best role play toys for girl who will just go mad creating pretend meal for mum and dad or cooking up feasts for there friends.
if these play kitchen toys are not enough we have more with the Plum Hendon Wooden kitchen which s in a great fun blue design so it's ideal for boys, and again it's action packed full of features to keep any young chef entertained and ready to impress anyone with there cooking skills.  Good quality play kitchens for boys are hard to come by but a we have a great range fo play kitchens for both boys and girls. 
The Plum Terrace kitchen is one of the most popular toy kitchens for children around due to it's red classic retro / vintage design, it's ideal if you want a large play kitchen that is suitable for both and girls that has lots of features and storage for all those toy pans, wooden toys and pretend play food.

With these great educational toys kids will have hours of good old role play fun and provide parents with a toy that children will play with for years and remember for years to come.

If you still cant find a play kitchen to suit you needs or are looking for one with a toy washing machine, microwave checkout our other Wooden children's kitchen toys by Temson, Hape, Janod and KidKraft all available from our base in the UK at discounted sale prices 365 days a year.
Plum Cabin Wooden Kitchen
Plum Hendon Wooden Kitchen
Plum Oxford Wooden Kitchen
Plum Padstow Kitchen
Plum Terrace Kitchen


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