Wednesday, 5 May 2010

How To Choose A KidKraft Play Kitchen

We Receive a lot of phone calls from parents wanting to know what play kitchen would be best or most suitable for their children's or what the differences are between ours and other brands which are often plastic.

Our advice is 1st to have a look for a play kitchen which your child likes and will keep them amused for hours, we have many designs which are suitable for both boys and girls.

Our second piece of advise is space, we always recommend you measure the space available where the play kitchen is going to go or be played with as we would hate for it to be to big or even to small.

The 3rd question and most popular one is, "is it suitable for my child" which is very difficult to answer due to how fast each child grows but our general rule is the work top height which is the main play area should be around the child's waist height.

Why buy a KidKraft Wooden Play Kitchen instead of a plastic alternative

Well we always think people would be disappointed with a plastic kitchen quite simply the quality,durability and the design, would you buy a plastic kitchen for your kitchen ?
Weight is also another key factor, wood is a much heavier material than plastic and some of our kitchens can weigh up to 35kg so it would be very difficult for a child to knock or pull it over.

If you break a piece on a plastic kitchen due to being moulded injected plastic it is impossible to replace any piece and quite often the kitchen is ruined or has to be thrown away.
In the unlikely event of any damage on a Kidkraft Kitchen every piece on a Kidkraft play kitchen is replaceable and we keep parts in stock and KidKraft also keep spare parts for kitchens even if they have been discontinued so you can pass your kitchen down to your next child and it will still look like new. Wooden toys and Wooden kitchens are fun and will last for years

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